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About Us

Luna Sky Teepees Sleepover Parties

Luna Sky Teepees create beautifully themed &  fun-filled kids sleepover parties in the comfort of your own home.

We are two sisters Neha & Tareena from London who were looking for inspiration for fun and unique party ideas to entertain our two daughters.

We wanted something different and hassle free that would entertain our kids and their friends, so we decided to take things into our own hands – and created a unicorn themed sleepover party for a friend with lots of sparkle, magic and fun! The party was such a great success amongst the kids and parents, before we knew it, our weekends were filled with party requests, and from there – Luna Sky Teepees was born.


In the last year, Luna Sky Teepees has hosted a number of sleepover parties across South East, South West London, Bromley and Surrey. Our aim is to bring an unforgettable sleepover party experience with our hand-made Teepees and luxury bedding accompanied with decorative themed party pieces to create the ultimate themed sleepover.

Want to throw a themed sleepover party for your child to wow their friends? Then why not get in touch with us to book. We have a number of fun themes for girls and boys to choose from such as Magical Unicorns & Rainbows, Rose Gold, Tropical and much more.

Every party is different, and every client is different, and we love working with our clients to ensure that our parties meet their every requirement.

It always puts a smile on our faces when the children see the finished look. There’s nothing more rewarding than making it “the best sleepover ever!”.

Got an event coming up and need to do something fun, here’s how to book the most unforgettable sleepover with Luna Sky Teepees, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose one of our fun-filled themes,
  2. Select an available date,
  3. Confirm the number of Teepees you require and any add-ons to give that extra WOW to your party.

Or head over to our Instagram page to get in touch with our creative team to plan the perfect Teepee sleepover party!

It’s that simple.